Frequently Asked Questions

Each item is different based on the extent of design. Some variables will include whether you are providing your own material, and how large the image is. My preference is supplying the material for you. The materials I provide will ensure confidence in the outcome of a high quality product.

Orders with less than 5 items require a minimum 3 days notice. Depending on color choices etc. this time may take an additional 2 days if out of stock. Shirt orders of 25 or over require 3 weeks. All other orders need 2 weeks notice. Rentals require 2 weeks notice, based on availability.

All items are shipped USPS. Please call for pricing since all destinations can vary. Pickups are available evenings by 6pm unless prior arrangements have been made. Saturdays pickups can be made from 1-7pm, while Sundays are from 9-5pm. Hand deliveries will require a $10.00 or greater surcharge depending on destination.

Savings vary depending on size and amount of materials that will be used. Call or email and ask about the savings offered when placing an order.

It depends on the type of material you are wanting to place your image on. Hand drawn images I will not be able to use, they must be a digital file such as a png, svg, vector, or you must trace over your hand drawn image making solid lines. Currently I am not doing iron on transfers on shirts, but depending on material used I may be able to for other projects.

Linens do not have to be washed when returned. However I do ask you be respectful with the rental property and not use around them harsh chemicals that may spill or cause damage. Should an accidental spill of any type occur, immediately attempt to thoroughly wipe the spill away.

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